More apps compatible with Optoma interactive flat panel displays

Business meetings can be more streamlined and collaborative than ever before with a whole tranche of apps now available as standard on Optoma interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs).

Optoma IFPDs come with a number of pre-installed apps as well as free compatible apps that can be easily downloaded from the marketplace area on the display.

These include an intuitive videoconferencing app (Zoom) and the super quick Screenshare app that allows multiple people in a meeting to simply type in a code and be able to share their laptop or PC screen with the rest of the meeting. You can also use a mobile device with this app to share documents or photos from the device or even to turn the device into a mouse for the display.

All Microsoft Office documents can be opened on the screen with the pre-installed WPS app and Cloud Drive allows users to save documents to the cloud via Google Drive or OneDrive.


Designed for corporate and education environments, Optoma’s multi-touch interactive flat panel displays boast 4K UHD resolution and 20-point touch.  All displays come with wall mount, three interactive pens and WiFi/Bluetooth dongle for BYOD (bring your own device) wireless connectivity as standard.


Pre-installed apps that come as standard on Optoma IFPs

App name



This app allows users to open all Microsoft Office docs

Internet browser

Allows users to access the internet

Cloud drive

Allows you to save documents to Google Drive and OneDrive


File browser allows users to locate saved documents on the display


Can be used to mirror an iphone or ipad screen


Mirrors your pc or laptop.  You can also use a mobile device with this app which allows you to share documents or photos from the device.  It also can turn the mobile device into a mouse for the IFP


Together with a document camera allows users to show 3D objects or passage of text


This is the portal into the marketplace where additional apps can be downloaded onto the display


Whiteboard app promotes collaboration during meetings.  Notes can be saved and then shared after the meeting


Memory optimisation for the display


Free apps on Marketplace

App name



Video conference and collaboration app (requires a webcam for full video conferencing functionality)


App for different mail services including Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail


Dropbox app

BBC news

BBC news

CBC news

CBC news

Multi Calculator

Calculator – includes scientific calculator


App to access TED speeches

Khan Academy

App for teaching

Education game




The free apps on the Marketplace are third party apps that have been tested and are compatible with the IFPs.  As new apps are added they will automatically appear on the Marketplace for you to download.

Other software

The presentation and collaboration software, Oktopus, has been tested and approved compatible, but does not come not pre-installed onto the display or Marketplace.

Optoma IFPDs have certification for low blue light by independent world leaders in product testing, TÜV Rheinland.  This certifies that Optoma IFPDs produce no hazardous UV light and emit minimal blue light (which causes eyestrain and tiredness).  Available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes, they feature anti-glare glass and boast extensive connectivity. 



Optoma interactive flat panel displays run on a customised Android operating system and do not support Google Play Services. The operating system may not be compatible with all third-party Android apps. Third-party Android apps can vary in quality and some even contain malicious codes, which could compromise system security and may invalidate your product warranty. Optoma makes no representations regarding the quality, security or suitability of any third-party apps and their compatibility with the Optoma interactive flat panel. Optoma shall have no responsibility or liability with respect to any damage, faults, loss in functionality or security issues arising as a direct or indirect result of the installation of third-party apps on the interactive flat panel. Optoma support in rectifying any issue which may result from the installation of third-party apps will be chargeable and may be limited.

Why is the sky blue? And what this means for you.

Hint: it’s not the reflection of the water, and it may cause fatigue and sore eyes.

Light is made of Electromagnetic waves (EM waves) that emit energy and it’s this energy which we perceive as light. These waves come in different wave lengths and are the different colours of light we perceive.

Blue light is one of the types of light that form the white light we get from the sun, together with red, orange, yellow, green, violet and indigo – also known as the visible EM spectrum. Past indigo, we have UV light (which can’t be seen by the human eye). The energy of these waves increases as we go towards UV light, making blue light one of the highest intensity types of visible light.

The wavelength of blue light waves is so small they collide with air molecules more than any other colour and get scattered everywhere – that’s what makes the sky blue!

But what has this got to do with me?

Your body uses this blue light from the sun to discern the difference between day and night and regulate your sleep cycle. It also suppresses secretion of melatonin – produced at night to help prepare our bodies for sleep. Because of this, blue light can fool our brains into thinking we should stay awake.

And what has this got to do with Optoma?

Optoma’s interactive flat panel displays reduce eyestrain and tiredness by minimising blue light output.  They are TÜV  Certified as Low Bluelight Content, meaning that TÜV Rheinland* has tested the blue light emitted and found the product emits no hazardous UV light, in addition to the blue light content constituting no more than 20% of the total light spectrum emitted from the screen.

A new study by researchers in Amsterdam stated that people who switched their screens to low blue light reported their sleeping patterns were significantly improved.

In short, the sky is blue because the short-wavelength, high energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, and you should turn on blue light filters when available – you might sleep better!

Find out more about Optoma’s multi-touch interactive flat panels here.
*TÜV Rheinland is the independent body and world leader in product testing and certification.