Sound business sense

Research has shown that background music while working improves business productivity – so it makes sound business sense to get a decent pair of earphones.

MusicWorks commissioned research that analysed productivity in the office when listening to one of four musical genres.

It found that listening to music has a positive effect on workers’ productivity - radically improving speed and accuracy of tasks such as data entry, proof reading and problem solving skills.

When listening to a selection of different genres, classical music was found to be the most effective for improving the accuracy of tasks and resolving everyday mathematical problems, with participants achieving a 73% pass rate.

When listening to pop music, 58% of participants completed data entry tasks much faster.

When proof-reading, dance music had the most positive impact, with participants increasing their speed by 20% compared to proof-reading tests undertaken with no music at all. Dance music also had a positive effect on spell-checking, with a 75% pass rate, compared to 68% when no music was played at all.

Whether listening to music while at work or on the daily commute; watching films on a flight; or just making calls from the mobile, business people can get better sound quality with Optoma Nuforce’s new NE750M and NE800M earphones.  These ultra-lightweight earphones offer a substantial upgrade from the standard earphones that come with smartphones or music players.

Both earphones come with a range of earbud sizes to ensure a snug, slip-free fit that minimises ambient noise and provides the best possible sound quality. This also makes them ideal for taking to the gym after work.

That all makes sound business sense.

* The experiment required 26 participants to undertake a series of on-line tasks 5 days in a row. The tasks were slightly different each day, but always included spell checking, equation solving, maths word problems, data entry and abstract reasoning tasks. Each day participants were either asked to listen to a playlist as background music (genres: dance, ambient, classical and pop) or not listen to music.