Lamp VS Laser Projectors Explained


In the beginning there were lamps and these were used as the main lightsource in projectors. But not all lamps are made equal. The original lamps for projectors were halogen - yes, you could pop to Halfords for your replacement bulb. These days high-pressure mercury arc lamps are used and are known as ultra-high-performance lamps. 

One thing is inevitable in the AV and technology arena: the only constant is innovation, and with this innovation, we saw the emergence of solid-state lamp-less light sources, namely laser and LED. For laser projection, Optoma projectors specifically use laser phosphor. 

What’s the difference? And what should I choose?

Lamp projection

Tried and tested, projection lamps have gone through numerous innovations, including improved brightness and increased life span. The lifetime of these lamps is around 10,000 hours and are highly efficient compared to their original counterparts. 

Is a lamp-based projector for me? 

If you’ll only be using it on occasions - every week in a house of worship, every couple of weeks at school, every month for a movie marathon, or even every four years for sporting events, then probably yes!

To put it into perspective: in eco mode, a lamp-based projector gives you 10,000 hours of watch time - that equals 6,000 movies or a film a day for 18 years! 

Laser projection

Laser phosphor is a solid-state lamp-less technology. It works by shining blue laser diodes onto a spinning yellow phosphor wheel. The chemical compound phosphor absorbs the blue light and radiates a bright yellow light. This light is then captured and split using a colour wheel. These create the coloured images. 

Why blue? It is a high density and power-efficient colour!

Is a laser phosphor-based projector for me?

If dependable long life - up to 20,000 hours virtually maintenance-free, 24/7 operation capability, consistent high brightness, minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership, sound like music to your ears, a laser projector is for you. 

A cool fact about laser and LED projectors (excuse the pun) is that they operate at a much cooler temperature. Traditionally, powering down the projector has been important and takes around 5 minutes of waiting around for the lamp to cool before you can disconnect it from the power supply. Laser projectors achieve instant on/off times. 

Another benefit of a cooler projector appeals to the more creative projection users, who can place the projector at an angle for portrait applications or floor projections.

DuraCore Laser

For professional installations such as in museums, universities or immersive rooms, Optoma’s DuraCore laser combines an industry-leading lifetime of the laser light source - up to 30,000 hours maintenance-free, with a unique dust resistant design independently IP5X or IP6X certified. 

MultiColor Laser

Innovative Multicolour Laser (MCL) technology adds a second red laser to the common blue laser for greatly improved colour performance. 


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