Tried and Tested 3D Glasses

Optoma announced that they will no longer be manufacturing 3D glasses, but don’t panic! The below DLP link glasses have been tried and tested by Optoma's marketing manager, Carina Neighbour, and will work with any of their Full 3D enabled projectors.

Hi Shock

What the top Amazon reviews say

They come in a hard case which keeps them well protected when not in use and I would recommend them to anyone with a DLP projector
“The glasses are well designed and sit well on your face and give a very clear image. They come in a hard case which keeps them well protected when not in use and I would recommend them to anyone with a DLP projector.”

Just buy them already!
“Unlike any other set of 3D glasses I have tried, these look good - I mean they look really good. They are comfortable they do the job and they don’t feel like a set of 3D glasses. If they were UV protective, I’d wear them as sun glasses.

“Not only are they stunning. They come in a sturdy case that will protect them from the normal terrorisation of small kids, and even the fall from the couch to the floor.

“Performance is great, no noticeable cross talk, battery life was enough for me to watch 6 hours at least. 6 hours of 3D cinema is just about all I can handle. I am sure these glasses could handle more.

“Synced easy with no hassle.

A steal at anything under £40.”

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What the top Amazon reviews say

3D Cinema Quality
“I recently bought an Optoma GT1080Darbee projector and thought I’d invest in a pair of these as a few of my Blu-ray movies have 3D as an option. I’m really impressed with the quality and depth of the image - it really is comparable with watching a 3D movie in the cinema. As with any 3D glasses, you lose some colour clarity but it’s a minor quibble.


I’d give them 6 stars if I could!
“I'm using them with an Optoma UHD51 projector. Crystal clear 3D with absolutely no ghosting. Everyone who's used them say it's the best 3D they've ever seen anywhere. I can't praise the visual quality, the quality of the cases and how long they last on charge enough.”

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What the top Amazon reviews say

Lightweight and work well with Optoma
“Lightweight and work well with my Optoma 142hdx projector. Don't get any flicker or issues that I've experienced with previous active 3d glasses and TVs.”

Even for the odd 3D movie a worthwhile investment
“They work perfectly on our 3D projector with not even a hint of flicker. You can wear these for hours without fatigue as they are light and comfortable. Once switched on the picture is perfectly clear and the 3D effects on some 3D Blu-rays is amazing. Of course, the 3D effects are mainly down to the movie itself but the glasses let you enjoy the movie without making you aware you have them on. They also look pretty stylish.

“My wife did complain about the glasses saying they made the movie look blurry and out of focus. This was quickly resolved by turning them ON!!! The funny thing is we were 20 minutes into the movie, I almost wet myself that night with laughter. We only watch the odd 3D movie but these were still worth the investment.”

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